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Our services and what sets us apart.

Measuring climate and culture

Vital signs is a robust measurement tool, focussing on performance and business outcomes. The competencies of EQ are embedded in the five drivers of performance and aligned to outcomes.


The Brain Profile suite of tools are simple, short but powerful reports to engage thinking and doing in practical contexts. The emphasis in these popular strength based reports is the brain and how it processes information.

SEI Assessments

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence report. Personal, 360 and team diagnostics to give focussed in-depth knowledge about emotional intelligence competencies and their impact on life success.


Whether you need to communicate organisational change, create better team cohesion and interaction or support managers having more productive conversations; we can help.

The use of Narrative helps people experience the impact of poor communication. Our flagship interactive case study presents common communication issues and enables people to actively work towards solutions whilst up improving their communication ability; all in the Safety of a fiction.

We encourage the development of skills such as articulating a difficult message, giving constructive feedback and meaningful, focussed questioning. In our process feedback is instant and the context of the communication is based in reality.

Behaviour change

We get it! Organisations want behaviours to reflect their changing culture and they need people to adapt quickly so that they can bring brand to life and drive business performance. We can’t press the fast forward button on behaviour change but we can help people understand the impact of their behaviours and enable every individual to step up to small changes everyday to sustain meaningful change for good.

We focus on climate, the way every behaviour each day supports or undermines a workplace culture. We have a specific diagnostic Vital Signs that measures climate on an organisational, team and individual level. We work with the insight from this valuable assessment to focus on drivers of behaviour change; motivation, adaptability, effectiveness, relationships and trust.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional humans drive business. It’s neurobiologically impossible to create complex thoughts, interact with others or use memory without emotion.

We focus on emotional intelligence as a critical factor in developing people and performance because it has everything to do with relationships, effectiveness, satisfaction, wellbeing and building trust. We are allied to a global non profit organisation, six seconds, and assess performance using their suite of diagnostic tools as well as referring to their models to develop practical emotional Intelligence.

Courses we’ve created for clients include EQ for Leadership, Managing with Empathy, Emotional Intelligence to Build Resilience and Managing Challenge with Purpose.

Create experiences

Our narrative based learning methodology is a great way to engage audiences large and small to understand a message and assess its impact or simply to get people to think and feel differently about change.

Live drama blended with film is scripted from research and presented in creative ways to engage diverse audiences and inspire interactive learning.

Projects we’ve masterminded include simulated investigations, auctions, site specific scenarios, case studies brought to life with fusion of live and filmed drama and episodic events using gameology.

Assess performance

We support organisations measure what they want to know. We use globally validated assessment tools that measure brain preferences, emotional intelligence competence, business climate and performance.

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