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Clients approach us with specific concerns around current behaviours and how they impact performance. Typically clients are forward thinking and open to new ways of developing people to get results.

This is Northumbrian Water’s experience of working with Act Positive;

Development Chart - Drama Based Training
       Northumbrian Water Group wanted to make their annual Safety Awareness Event interactive and meaningful, and they approached us to discuss using drama to convey a safety message. We considered target audience, messages to be communicated, and the style of the proposed one-day event to achieve intended outcomes. Here is their version of events.


What Happened?

We both agreed upon an interactive case study for the main conference and the provision of two workshops for hub-style breakout sessions. The company hosted a day at the head office for an Act Positive researcher to discuss safety related values and beliefs with managers and safety reps. Act Positive then developed a scenario based on research findings. The workshops maximised opportunities for learning within a short session and took preferred learning styles into account. 


On the Day

Two facilitators and two actors took the stage to present a day in the life of two painting contractors working in a busy train station. The contractors, Steve and Tony, could have avoided the incident in which a young lad nearly lost an eye, but their lack of confidence to speak up and their commitment to get the job done on time resulted in catastrophe. The audience was engaged and motivated to ask the characters questions, and in the workshops, they offered advice to the characters

After the Event

Act Positive delivered feedback from the day to our safety manager, and we arranged a meeting to discuss a future learning needs analysis based on the feedback. The overall comments on the Act Positive experience include: 

"The presentation highlighted issues that can't easily be communicated any other way. Messages that are difficult to say could be watched in a play that was about us. People became very involved in the whole thing and recognised some of themselves in the story, they were emotionally engaged and it was memorable.


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