Communication training

From presentation training to speaking up on a point of concern people can make a positive difference by understanding their language tendencies and using language effectively. We build programmes to target learner’s needs in some of the following areas; the art and science of negotiation, engaging audiences in effective presentations, speaking up on a point of concern, making expectations known, delivering bad news and effective questioning techniques.


Emotional intelligence training

Emotions drive people, people drive performance; recognising and navigating emotions are key skills in raising performance. We deliver emotional intelligence training to support managers, leaders and their teams to recognise emotions and to navigate them more effectively.


Interactive case study

Scenarios are scripted for live theatre and film. Every scenario can be investigated by a curious audience; they can speak with the characters, offer ways of doing things better and ultimately the audience take the role of director to ensure positive change happens in the fictional setting.


Interactive e-learning

We have designed a template for engaging learners online. The template enables users to watch a film then interact with the situation and the characters, to investigate the situation and influence the outcomes by taking on the role of scriptwriter and director.



We have scripted hundreds of scenarios focussing on issues such as managing change, responding to underperformance, customer service, health and safety and attendance management. We develop stories of people and their situations to demonstrate impact of behaviour. Every scripted scenario is crafted to offer optimum learning opportunity and an engaging meaningful drama that remains in the memory.


Case studies

We design narratives about people, places and situations that can be used to demonstrate a point, assess potential and skills. A good case study clearly and concisely relates a story in which the learner feels involved. The way in which a learner interacts with the story can demonstrate their aptitude and competence in particular areas of expertise. We build case studies for recruitment, assessment centres and in-house training functions.


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