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Development Chart - Drama Based Training  

Research and Assessment

We always seek to step into the shoes of the organisations with which we work through interviews, surveys and robust assessments.

We use our findings to reflect the reality of the organisation.

The behaviours, values and beliefs of the client organisation are mapped into the bespoke film or theatre piece. 


Development Chart - Drama Based Training

We Craft Bespoke Experiences

All our programmes are built to reflect the reality of your organisation. 

From transforming the stage in a conference to installing invisible theatre in corridors our work is always interactive, engaging and meaningful for the audience. 

We design creative ways to get people to think, feel and act differently.



Development Chart - Drama Based Training

Strategies for Success

To make behavioural change a reality people often need new behaviours to adopt and additional skills to help them develop their practice. 

We use neuro-linguistic programming and emotional intelligence theory and practise to underpin step change in performance. 

See our products page for more information. 

Development Chart - Drama Based Training

Rehearsal for Reality

One big factor in sustainable behaviour change is the practise of behaviours and skills in a safe supportive environment. 

All our programmes provide opportunity for people toexperiement and rehearse what they want to say and do differently.




Development Chart - Drama Based Training

Review and Measure

We always conduct a review of our work with clients because it’s important that our programmes make real change happen. 

We review the success of all programmes and measure change by re-assessing practise. We always provide ongoing support throughout a project and beyond.










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